Working on an Philips FB1 Soundbar

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My first post here.
I have a Philips Soundbar FB1 with no power. After disassembling I checked the power source, which is ok and delivering 24v to the mainboard.
On the mainboard itself (Richsound, B918) I found at least one damaged component (marked).
Some sort of a step down converter. Labeled: LA3484A.
Closer look through the microscope:

I already ordered a simmilar one EUP3484A and desoldered the damaged chip, because I had a lot of continuity readings with the multimeter on several Caps, directly after that Chip and around the bigger Chip below (first image, "ITE"), which is some kind of HDMI controller I guess.
I still have the continuity readings with the multimeter and wondering if this could be normal or maybe a short somewhere else.
I'm not pro so there is a lot of guessing.

What would you do now? Just replace the burned converter and try it or is there definetely somewhere else a short when some Caps on the board are ok and some in a specific area seems short?

Unfortunaltey I have no power supply to inject voltage, neither a thermal camera to find heatspots.

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If you have the datasheet for the i.c. Before fitting the new i.c. Check the pads to see if there are any shorts to ground ( 0V ) with your ohm meter.
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You cannot measure capacitors in-circuit without knowing what else is connected to them. For a proper test, the capacitors need to be removed from the circuit board.