why Tv pcboard is only replaced and not repaired in led tv

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Hi, Normally a minute item in the pcb would be the cause of a auto power off on tvs.
But , nowadays, the engineer just replace the board with a new board to fix this issue, even though a mere change of a component inside the pcb would fix it.
Seen one of the pcb, which is small in size in a led tv, like a graphics or usb card or a little larger
If a pcb is having a defect, is it need to be replaced.
Your views on this


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The skills needed to fix by replacing a board are much lower level than those which are needed to fault find to component level
It is cheaper to replace the board than pay the extra salary and extra time to discover the faulty part or parts.


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Yep , been there before fixing TV's , surface mount components make it harder to repair , also for manufacturers it's cheaper to make the whole pcb ,so repair costs can be lowered and made quickly and safely.


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This is a trend in the electronics "repair" business for quite a while now. I am one of a few in my area that actually repair boards rather than just replace them. This is one reason why I get business as my repair costs are often less than other shops. I can repair a power supply board with a few $$ in parts rather than replacing the board for $50 -$75 for just the board. So even with the same labor rate, the total cost to the customer is less.
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