Why signals occupy small portion after being scaled and how to change it?

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I am a newbie and try to understand why signals watched on logic analyzer shrink on screen when resolution is changed (as on the pics) so that they occupy a small region on the screen? It'a a continuous signal actually and logic analyzer is also continously run.. Is it possible to see the signals on the full screen and how it can be achieved? I don't mind them to look smaller (it's alright) but want them to be seen on full screen, not just a small portion of the screen near its centre where they are overcrowded and not really seen anymore.

I use DigiView Dv-100 logic analyzer.



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You are changing the x axis time base / division, so raising the time/div will squeeze more
and more waveforms into a smaller and smaller window of time.

The analyzer should have a sliding window, so your screen can display a portion
of the overall trace at faster T/div.

Regards, Dana.