Why High Impedance Headset for Crystal Radio

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I am trying to understand the electronics theory behind why a high impedance, high resistance headset is needed for a crystal radio.

Obviously, a crystal radio can only produce extremely low voltage/current. A high resistance headset seems like it should need high voltage/current to overcome that high resistance. I realize this reasoning is wrong, but can someone explain to me why it is wrong. That's what is giving me trouble.

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higher impedance puts less load on the detector, allowing higher Q or quality factor in the tuned circuit. loading the detector causes wide tuning and low sensitivity.


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For any current, the voltage developed across a load is directly proportional to the resistance of that load (Ohm's Law). So for the very small current available from nothing more than a tuned circuit and a ultra-low Vf rectifier, a high impedance earphone develops the most voltage across it. Couple this with the fact that generally speaking, crystal-based transducers (microphones, piezo beepers, etc.) are high-voltage/low current devices by their very nature, and it looks like a perfect match.

Operationally, a crystal earphone is the exact opposite of a traditional voice-coil speaker or earphone. To make the same acoustic power level, one needs relatively high voltage and low current, and the other low voltage and high current.



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I often describe impedance matching as being like choosing a gear on a bicycle. Small tweakings can make a large improvement in power delivered to the load.