Which chip is better for preamp, Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?

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Which chip is better for preamp Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?
Hi guys, i am working on a preamp project,
Just wanna know which ic is better when it comes to audio/sound performance?
Is there any superiority in terms of producing bass sounds?
Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?
They all have the same pin config.
Thank you so much masters....

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What do you mean by "superiority in term of producing bass sounds"? All of these op-amps will perform equally well at low audio frequencies.

No one can give you a definitive answer regarding the subjective nature of perceived audio performance. Furthermore, the implementation is at least as important as the device so this is rather a meaningless question. Some people love the old NE5532 and others prefer the newer devices. Buy one of each and choose the one you prefer.