"What's All This Pease Prototype Stuff, Anyway?"


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I sat a couple of desks away from him for a couple of years. He b ult circuits
"in the air", as did many of the linear IC designers doing regulators, OpAmps, etc..
as they were pretty low freq back in the mid 70's. They had process transistors
grouped with various characteristics to use, as well as other discretes. Also proto
was done using exacto knife on bare PCBs to carve out "islands" for pads for

Regards, Dana.


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I recall seeing a picture of his desk / bench taken little after him passing away and another from the Jim Williams'. Surprising (to me) but then, why not?


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He mostly used the "dead bug" prototyping method.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob a few times - he was always full of new ideas. I told him that his love of VW bugs would be the death of him. Sadly, this came true when his VW crashed and killed him. Ironically, it was coming back from the funeral of his long time friend, Jim Williams. In less than a week, we lost two pioneers of the industry.