What should I know to use Image sensors

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Hello, I'm now really interested in development of camera modules, image processing(ISP) and everything around it, so I'd like to ask what a literature or some useful guides are out there. To be clear, my final target is development of an camera module for drone(something with low latency, high dynamic range and hd quality) that will be connected to some wireless module (most probably wifi), but now I am interested in learning how to develop such a devices in general. Thanks in advance!


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There are at least 100 versions of the drone camera such as you have described, and some of them are both really small and really cheap. Then there are others that are a bit larger and allow you to see the individual hairs on somebodies head at 100 yards away. They cost more. And there are a lot of publications dedicated to video systems and cameras. "Vision Systems" is one that comes to mind.
So there are lots of products available, some of them cheaper than what you would pay for shipping on the parts you would need to build one. So you need to do some researching.