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    Building an Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter

    (Today is National Retro Day) I'm adding HDMI output to my vintage Atari 800XL 8bit computer to project it on my large TV. I'm a novice. I've built a circuit for "High Speed Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter" using an LT6559 & LT1395 to "map RGB signals to YPbPr". It doesn't seem to work and it...
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    Lav mic issue

    I recently bought the Saramonic Uwmic9s and I am having trouble setting it up I've went through all the settings on the transmitter, receiver and camera but there is still a hiss in the background. Im fairly new to this and am not sure if there is something I've missed, or if its the fact that...
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    What should I know to use Image sensors

    Hello, I'm now really interested in development of camera modules, image processing(ISP) and everything around it, so I'd like to ask what a literature or some useful guides are out there. To be clear, my final target is development of an camera module for drone(something with low latency, high...