image sensor

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    How to interface CMOS image sensors with 32-bit Microcontrollers?

    I've been learning to program 32-bit ARM cortex-M controllers with an STM32 Nucleo (L476rg Nucleo). I've been playing with interfacing and controlling stepper motors so far. My next step is to move on to machine/computer vision and incorporate image sensing however upon some searching (hopefully...
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    choose the right for grape sorting project with image processing ...

    hello every one i want to do the grape sorting project for some educational goals ... i doubt to which camera will work for that project ... any body can help me to choose the right camera pls ... the project will work like this youtube link
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    What should I know to use Image sensors

    Hello, I'm now really interested in development of camera modules, image processing(ISP) and everything around it, so I'd like to ask what a literature or some useful guides are out there. To be clear, my final target is development of an camera module for drone(something with low latency, high...