What kind of charger IC

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Im going to have an ~18v LiPo or LiFePo battery pack.
Charging from USB so I’ll need a boost step up charger like MP2639AGR-Z (pack voltage too high for this chip). Any recommendations on part number? Currently my research says I’ll need to design a separate boost converter and get a step down charger IC.

what if I just used a boost regulator and put 20 volts on the battery pack? Wouldn’t that charge and the packs onboard circuitry would protect it?


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Do You know for a fact that the "BMS" will regulate Charging Voltage and Current ?
A properly designed Charger is always a good idea,
but how You generate enough Voltage to enable proper operation of the Charger is up for discussion.

Lithium-Based-Batteries REQUIRE specific limitations on both Charging, and Discharging.