What is the space war sound chip?

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Eric Patterson

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I am looking for the chip used in many cheap toys that makes a variety of alien/spaceship sounds. It is used in the Snap Circuits Space War IC, but I have also heard it used in various toys such as a pistol and a Frisbee. It cycles through various electronic sounds.


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As it turns out, Sourcing is not likely a problem. The manufacturer of Snap Circuits is Elenco. They have been making this kind of educational stuff for a long time. Unfortunately with Snap Circuits, they made the parts into black-boxes. Luckily for you, the old version is still known and even advertised as the same name "Space Wars" sound generator. It is a simple 556 chip, (dual 555 timer). The attached manual from an older Elanco project gives all the detail to make your own.



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You could have a look at the WT588D stuff on Ebay. These chips can record multiple sounds.
If you drive them from something like an Arduino, you can have many sounds, or just a limited number with push buttons.
I made a lasertag gun with them and had 38 sounds in the pistol. There is room for more.

This is the programmer...

And the sound board...

These drive a small speaker directly.

The info is available for download on the net.