What is the major challenge for operating an inverter ?

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What is the major challenge for operating an inverter ? this is one of the questions I got on quiz and yet I still dont have a proper answer I google and checks books yet there is nothing about ' difficulties or problems or such as challenges about operating inverters . İf u have a simple answer I would be glad to hear since I'll take exam in couple days and this might show up.

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I'm going to assume you are at a level that you are able to start thinking about designing an inverter (3rd year-ish?). So break down the problem:
  • What does an inverter do? (I'm guessing this is a general question so function specifications aren't needed, just what does it do)
  • What needs to happen to make the input into the output? (Main block)
  • Inside the main block, what are some of the sub-functions needed to perform the main block's function?
By the time you get to this stage, you will start answering the question. What can go wrong inside that main block?


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What type of inverter?

I have never built one. I would assume the greatest operational challenge, would be maintaining a constant output voltage under a varying load.