What does CBB and CL mean when referring to Polypropylene and Polyethylene Film Capacitors

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Hello smart people,

I am starting a dot.com company that supplies an exhaustive range of common components such as resistors and capacitors to the Australian and Global marketplace.

I am sourcing from China as they produce cheap but quality components that adhere to standards such as IEC 60384-2.

In order to have a market advantage, I need to be proffessional and fully understand my product.

The first product range I am seeking to aquire are Polypropylene Film Capacitors.

And here is my question: Manufacturers and Suppliers continually refer to Polypropylene Capacitors as CBB Capacitors or CBB Series Capacitors.

After some research I found that CBB21, CBB81, CBB60, CBB65 and CBB131 are but a few designations.

Polyethylene Capacitors have similar series designations, that is, CL11, CL21, and so on.

After looking at many photos (wow), I have concluded that this 'Type' or 'Class' numbering system refers to the physical dimensions and tollerances of the comonent package and terminals.

But search as I may, and thanks to Googles really unhelpful artificial intelligent search engine that keeps taking me back to recently visited suppliers, I cannot find a comprehensive paper that lists and describes the entire series designation.

I know that there is a huge variety of types of capacitors and numbering systems, but can someone find a concise list of namenclature that describes all Part Number Designations for Capacitors. ie J for +-5%, K for +- 10%, CBB21 (for Resin Dipped, DIP whith lead spacing of x mm +- y mm ?) ?

Or just tell me what CBB stands for !?

Thanks everybody

Peter Taylor

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peter taylor

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Thanks blocco

I also found this reference but these are Silicone Dioxide Dielectric Thin Film Chip Capacitors, classified as CBB and CBC in that data sheet. I don't think CBB refers to any group of specifications for these types of capacitors that is in that sheet. It must define another group of tolerances, that includes Polypropylene Film Resin Dipped Capacitors.

Am I on the right track ?


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I don't speak Manderine ?
I would hope it's Mandarin! In any case you shouldn't be trying to present yourself as all-knowing about your product unless you really know your stuff. If your supplier wants you as a distributor they should be interested in getting you up to speed on their products and if they can't give it to you in English then how are you going to support your customers anyway?

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peter taylor

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Thanks guys

So far you have been helpful, but :(
Re. http://english.jmdrq.com/news/html/?396.html
CBB refers to Polypropylene.
CL refers to Polyethylene (Polyester, Mylar).
A first digit of 1 means a Foil structure. CL11, CBB11 etc.
A First digit of 2 means a Metalization structure. CL21, CBB21, CBB22 etc.
If CBB and CL describes the structure, what does the second digit mean. And what exactly does CBB and CL describe.
In fact, what is CBB short for ? And CL
The article talks about Polyester and Polypropylene, not the definitions of CL and CBB (at least, only to a small degree).

Secondly, you are absolutely right pwdixon:D
I just contacted a supplier in China that recently sent me quote, and asked her to send me information about there products and manufacuring processes. Lucky she speaks Australian.