What cheap oscilloscopes do you guys advise for these type of college projects?

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So to help me choose one this is one of the things i am trying to develop right now for college:


I already made a post about that sound level meter but now i need to implement this in real life and for that i need the help of an oscilloscope which i still need to choose and buy.

I need to work with signals where its frequency is around 1kHz-100kHz

Also have to keep in mind that it needs to read values in the mV, like this:


I'm just a student and dont want to spend thousands so i was looking for cheaper options, like for example, the hantek 6022 which is currently around at 60€-80€. One thing that i am not sure is if those cheap oscilloscopes introduce significant noise at low amplitudes (mV) because i really need to see the signals like those shown in the second image well.

I would like if you guys could advise me any cheap oscilloscopes that can meet my demands.

I tried looking for used ones in my area but all i found are very old oscilloscopes, not even sure if they work


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You could use a PC's/laptop's sound card and the free Audacity software to analyse audio signals in the 20Hz-20kHz range.