what ceramic component could be in a 0603 SMD package other than capacitor and resistors?

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Younes Thabet

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Hello all,

I have found this ceramic 0603 SMD component that is green in color (glossy green)! Usually, SMD caps are beige or brownish in color and resistors are black with markings on them but this one looks more like a regular SMD cap.
What is this green ceramic component? is it a special type of caps? or something entirely different?
BTW, this component is between the output and ground pins of a DPACK linear voltage regulator which made me think it must be a capacitor!
Also, I found another similar to it but this one is white!




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The Green Thing is across a larger capacitor. It is probably a cap. I have some poly fuses in that color, but it would not be across a fuse.
I also have LEDs in 0603 and 0402. (green)


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Most likely a capacitor, but ,most 2 pin parts seem to some in what looks like a ceramic package
BLM, but that would be in series
Saw filter !
MOV /NTC , possible if in parallel to output capacitor
Inductor is also unlikely but possible,

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most likely cap even though there are plenty of products with 2 terminals including capacitors, inductors, resistors, LEDs, signal diodes, Zenner, TVS, diac, phototransistors, incandescent and neon lamps...