1. Marky G

    What SMD component is this?

    This is from an adblue ecu circuit for Citroen/ Peugeot cars. I need help identifying these components. Thanks for all your replies! The first one has 3 pins with the letters CG and a Y that's horizontal (on another board it shows CG with a U that's horizontal). The second one that's...
  2. V

    what is the smd equivalent package of BD139 NPN transistor?

    I am developing a basic switching circuit using a PIC microcontroller where the maximum drive current will be up to 2A in this case I was using BD139 but now due to my PCB has a Single-layer option I have to use SMD for it. so, please anyone suggest to me the best NPN SMD transistor for my...
  3. dignificent

    Texas Instruments BQ24640RVAT

    Received feedback that these parts are mysteriously over-heating when sent certain commands. When switched out with comparable parts in stock> No over-heating occured . Curious if this is impacting other users of this part or not. Is it a sign that this part could be counterfeit? Is there a bad...
  4. T

    Diode usage in SPI modules

    Hi All, Hoping that someone can put me out of my misery. I have been searching the internet for the past 5days for an answer to this question and feel like I am starting to lose my mind. Can anyone explain why the attached schematic has a 1N4148 on each of the SDI_5V, SCLK_5V and CS_5V lines...
  5. K

    SMD Capacitor selection

    Hello everyone, How can we calculate the voltage rating of an SMD ceramic capacitor. Is it dependent on the package size?.
  6. dignificent

    How to measure continuity of a single QFN without powering entire board?

    QFN Device in-question * https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/MCP2515T-I-ML/MCP2515T-I-MLCT-ND/2601600?utm_campaign=allaboutcircuits&utm_medium=aggregator&curr=usd&utm_source=octopart Data-Read-Outs I want to test for seen on page 67 *...
  7. D

    SMD Diode identification.

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can recognise this diode. I have two that need replacing in the oscillator circuit of a large switch mode power supply and would rather not guess. Searches have got me no where. See attached images. Thanks for any help.
  8. quaabster

    SMD Transistor Identification

    Hello, I need some assistance identifying this smd component on an LCD inverter. It is marked DK and then QM right below it. I have another identical board which is a newer revision and the same part is marked DK however with QS below it. My preliminary research on s-manuals seems to indicate...