Trying to identify a passive Component ceramic Cap? /MOV ?

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Trying to identify this component I believe it to be a metal oxide varistor by the looks of the logo I believe it to be made by muRata but not sure. Size is 12 mm OD about 3mm thick.

The application is a fence charger and this component is in wired on the one of the AC lines coming in there are two larger varistors in between the main lines and ground also .

Pictures attached

Thanks, Joe

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AAD4CB7B-84FF-47F0-90BA-3E9309E3D505.jpeg AC61DB2E-3FA1-4635-8C20-85DB16EC9DC5.jpeg AF5C8C28-BB36-4ED8-A9B7-B2D97CD1AA1A.jpeg
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