Way to keep what's in the fridge

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Have a plan to make a kind of build in for my fridge
We are more people that use it, and therfor want to make a "device" so i allways can se what is in the fridge. ( if people use it, ofcourse)
When i ex take a pound of meat, i should with a few click on a screen, make the meat diseaper from the fridge,
I know i could make an app for mobilephone, but think it we be better to make my own device.
Little touch screen, or by LCD and buttons.

Any sugestions, ?

To big a task to do or ?


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Should be realitvely easy to implement.
But I definitely don´t have enough discipline to keep the list up to date. Maybe a little beep after you close the fridge could remind you to edit the list or confirm that you were just browsing :D


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With some differences seems to be similar to those that design a full inventory system to know what / how many components they have. They become slaves of something that in few weeks they won't keep updated, starting by the own creator.

All Mondays afternoo check what you still have and early Tuesday go and buy whatever you need

Otherwise you could buy a Timex Sinclair to balance your bank account. ;)