Washing machine motor controller IC

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So my AEG washer-dryer went bang (literally - big flash behind control panel) and the engineer couldn't resolve the issue (the fault was obvious - the signal wire from water level sensor had come adrift and somehow managed to touch the only live motor wire visible - melted wire, some carbon deposits on motor connector and a huge burnt area/hole on the main processor card!) Anyway, since it was still under guarantee he replaced all circuit boards - display controller, main processor and AC/DC SMPS/motor controller and partial wiring harness and that solved the issue.

He left all the old cards with me and having just acquired a new hot-air rework station I thought I'd strip them down for useful parts - some nice 5v and 12v relays, around a couple of dozen ST-branded logicGate MOSFETs, other transistors (BC807/817) diodes/zeners/voltage references and regulators and 8 SOT223 "W516" parts which I think are logic driven Triacs. The main SMPS (ST VIPer16L non-isolated buck) gives 15v, 10W, and feeds the motor conroller. Tracing the power through, rectified AC gives ~300v DC to the motor output half-bridges which drive a 3-phase brushless, sensored, motor. Thinking there'd be some meaty MOSFETs in there I stripped it down, to find instead a huge unmarked, IC, a hybrid I'm guessing, coupled to a Freescale MC56F82736V 32bit MCU (10x12bitADC/2x12bitDAC/CAN/etc) - see pic.

Despite searching extensively, I've not been able to discover anything about it. Ideas anyone?

IMAG0997 - Copy.jpg

Guesstimated output circuit: