Washing machine misbehaving...

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A newer style Hotpoint clotheswasher model HTW200. With minimal use history, pristine shiny everything. It is the least fancy model but still microcontrolled and has led readouts, a single function rotary encoder knob, not a 'timer'. Does whatever it wants when it wants if it wants. :mad:
Its built-in diagnostics sometimes reports nothing, sometimes points to the water level sensor failure. It has failed by washing with very little water; it has failed by overflowing above the basket onto floor, or stops at any stage... The pressure sensor mounted on the printed circuit board shows part 1863M05 70113 Japan (Grey at center)
Glued its not tight hose to it to prevent leaks and did not fix it. Sensor not found on the web. Construction is ultracheap. Designed by engineers that never do laundry.

Would you dump it, or ? Entire board is ~$150




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Check that the tube is not partly blocked. Before connecting the tube back to the sensor make sure that the water level in the drum is lower than the end of the tube where it enters the drum. This is so the sensor sees just atmospheric pressure at this point.



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I went through the same thing. I was told to put 2 cups of bleach in it (no clothes) and run a wash cycle with hot water at the highest level. It worked. I was told it cleans sensors that control just about everything.