Wanted: 3 field testers for a PICAXE development board.

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I have designed a development platform for PICAXE 8, 14, and 20 leg microcontrollers, and am planning to offer the final product for sale. I need input from three field testers who meet the following requirements.
  • Significant prior experience with PICAXE microcontrollers
  • Familiarity with PICAXE Editor 6
  • Willingness to experiment with using a new development platform
  • Acceptance of the value and utility of solderless breadboards
  • Willingness to describe their experiments, results, and opinions to me and to no one else with the understanding that their results may be published with or without attribution (their choice.)
I will supply a development platform prototype and a 400 pin solderless breadboard at no cost and will not expect them to be returned. Field testers will supply their own PICAXE microcontroller chips.

Please PM me if you want to participate and tell me why.

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