Voltage Reference off spec or normal?

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I needed a 2.5V reference voltage and i bought a LM4040BIZ-2.5.It is 2.5V ±0.2% shunt regulator but when i connect it with a series resistor i'm reading about 2.47 volts no mater what load current i set (up to 15mA). Is this within spec or am i doing something wrong?


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Let's see.

\(\frac{.030}{2.5}\;=\;0.012 \;= \;1.2%\)

Seems like it is out tolerance. When was your meter last calibrated? You do calibrate your instruments at least once a year per ISO-9001 -- right? Did you get the little sticker from the independent lab that did the calibration?


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So which one do you believe? Are you going to get the first meter professionally calibrated? Is that first meter just a throwaway cheapie that probably can't be calibrated anyway?

\(2.5 \times 0.002 = 2.505\)

\(2.503 \le 2.505\)

Looks like a winner, and you have a new voltage reference to check meters with.