Using WeMos D1 mini and DRV8825 to control bipolar stepper motor over Wi-Fi via Blynk app

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Would be coding in Arduino IDE
I have tried searching tutorials in which both Wemos d1 mini and DRV8825 are used didnt find any so
Have read about DRV8825 and ESP8266 came across these (Wemos D1 mini + L298N stepper motor driver)

in this stepper motor driver used is not DRV8825 but L298N driver

In the code they have used stepper motor library ,now for DRV8825 do i need to change just this line in the code?
Stepper my_Stepper(200, D8, D7, D6, D5); (for L298N and Wemos d1 mini)
Stepper my_Stepper(200,D1,D2); (for DRV8825 and Wemos d1 mini as DRV8825 uses only 2 pins 1 for step and 1 for direction) ??

I have rough idea about connection of DRV8825 and Wemos d1 mini by looking at tutorials of arduio with DRV8825
will update soon when I have all hardware connected I am newbie plz guide on using stepper library for Wemos D1 mini + DRV8825