Using thin nickel strip for cell level fusing?.?.?

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normally when I would solder my 18650 battery packs I would always used the cell level fusing technique... but now that I am welding them, I can weld the fuse wire to the cell but since the wire is so thin, right where the weld is is like a pinch point/stress point and I'm afraid the wire will have a tendency to break off very easily... like when you Nic a piece of copper wire and if you bend it back and forth just a couple times it'll break off right at that spot. So with that said I'm not comfortable using the fuse wire or the really thin resistor leads so I've done a couple tests using the nickel strip and I found that if I use 0.4mm wide / 0.1mm thick Strips, it seems to burn and break pretty consistently around 8amps... but it's pretty violent and shoots flaming Sparks Until It Breaks... so my question is, am I okay just to use that size of strip to make up my battery pack and just use that as the fuse in case a cell goes bad it doesn't take out the entire parallel pack?


has anyone found a good reliable way of welding some type of fuse to each cell to protect the pack if a cell fails? Again I'm not trying to fuse the entire pack with a nickel strip just individual cell fusing in case one goes bad and short circuits internally it doesn't bring down the entire battery pack.