Using Gyroscope sensor data & Stabilising the Object position

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I am working on a system that maintains its fixed position i.e does not vibrate in a situation like Earth Quake or any Vibration of Machine/Tremor like situation occurs. Now for that system i first need to detect the amount of Vibration/Angular movement of object, for that i am using two sensor IC's 1.) Accelerometer 2.)MEMS Gyroscope IC.

Using this IC, I will come to know about the Angular movement of the Object and the linear movement of the Object ( which will occur during Earth Quake or vibrating machine Situation). Now if i want to keep this object stable in its position i need to give counter forces very similar to concept like Self Balancing Robot or Quadcopter uses the same mechanism to balance its position.

My Question is how to make these object stable do i use 1.) DC Motor and give counter force to this object 2.)Do I use Mechanical Gyroscope( Gyroscope will rotate through DC Motor @ very high rpm) 3.) Do i produce counter vibration. Weight of the object is max 5-7kg and rectangular in shape. I am confused with multiple option I would appreciate your guidance in this project. Sorry for this long explanation i though it would require


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Start with this article, and see where it leads. There is a section on active vibration control.
In order to answer your question, we would need to know more about the vibration characteristics you're trying to eliminate. A vibration input into a system can be a very simple signal, like a vibrating string, or a very complex signal, with lots of varying frequencies and phases. Maybe all you need is an anti-vibration mounting device. to Anti Vibration Mounts.pdf