Using EasyPIC7 ICD

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I was wondering if it is possible to use the ICD in the EasyPIC7 separately using jumper wires or over the Ethernet to debug the PIC code in the circuit.
Looking at the picture of the schema of EasyPIC7, I think it is possible. The Ethernet has the PGC, PGD and VPP. My Circuit has a header VPP, PGC, PGD, GND and VCC
If it is possible. What about Vcc ? If I power the PCB ( which it will be if I am to debug the circuit ) I should leave Vcc out, right ?
Just for reference I am attaching the circuit area too.
I dunno if I should do this so I need advice. I do not wanna damage the EasyPIC. This thing is not cheap.



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I've looked at your diagrams. I'd say go ahead and hook up all five signals across the interface, including Vcc. It looks to me like he MikroPro is sensing the presence of Vcc from the test board.
If you're careful about your power supply voltages and ground connections, I doubt you'll fry anything. But if you get power and ground reversed, or 5 V on the 3.3 V line, or some other short circuit, you could create a problem. All you can do is try it, carefully, to see if it will work.

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So I made the connection with the PIC as in the picture and mikroProg detects the PIC:D.

But I made a big booboo when I made the board. Did not consider the fact that the one I designed it for does not have an internal osc. :oops:
So after a lottta searching I found PIC16F886 :D. Which is PIN compatible with an int osc. Phew ! what a relief.

This is what mikroProg shows and the settings I plan to use for now. Just like to confirm the settings.


Just like to make sure about LVP and ICD. If any.

PS. The Vcc is separate for the board and EasyPIC. I did not interconnect them
The LCD connection to the EasyPIC are all GND's