Using a TM1637 anyone?

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Looking at implementing a few of these small digital displays in a project.
Anyone have experience of them, using assembly 12F 16F pic?



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This may not help, and you may already be aware, but the TM1637 display module is simply named after its Titan Micro Electronics IC of the same name and the data sheet is mercifully just 12 pages long with sufficient information to make bit banging in assembly possible

It’s been a long time since I wrote code in assembly but I do remember that PIC microprocessors are nice to work with.

Hope this is helpful, or at least encourages you to have a go!

Jon Chandler

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I have used these with PIC18Fs using Swordfish Basic. Can't help with assembler, but here are a couple points to know:

● Some of the TM1637 modules have improper caps on the clock and data lines, several orders of magnitude larger than specified in the datasheet. This means the clock rate must be slowed way down.

● The interface is "I2C-like" – it is not standard I2C.

● The TM1638 uses a similar, slightly different interface, which is still not I2C, but it was more straightforward to me.

There's a discussion on Electrotech on the TM1637 which includes a link to a detailed discussion on the Swordfish Basic forum about the issues I had.