Using a "Fly Swatter" circuit for a safe electric security fence

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Joh Drinda

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My endeavor is to build a non lethal electric fence on top of the existing fence, using a harmless fly swatter circuit as a thief deterrent.
To triple its output voltage I could swap the 3V battery for with a 9V battery, reaching 10- 15KV.
Since the current is that low, I suppose I need to use 4 barbed wires to connect +V and -V outputs alternatively?
I think only +V barbed wiring won't work or will it??
Besides, I also got 1V5V gas lighter circuit (from a cigarette lighter), which might be even better, because it has got pulsed output! I tripled its output with a Li-ion battery and it flips quite strongly...
Could anyone of you knowledgeable technicians advice me on that? Thank you in advance for your good advice.
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First, you should state the locality where this is not unlawful. Maybe then, and maybe not, you will receive help with an inherently dangerous project.


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MOD NOTE: I'm shutting this one down. Here are the concerns:

From the User Agreement: "Forum members must not knowingly provide any information that may adversely affect another member; this includes, but is not restricted to, information that may potentially result in injury, death, damage or destruction of property and possessions."

1) It appears that someone is modifying devices with the intent of shocking people, yet the person does not seem to understand the devices in question, how the modifications will affect their operation, or at what point those modification might become harmful to others. Even assuming that the "fly swatter circuit" truly is "harmless" in its original form, on what basis can a modified circuit be assumed to still be "harmless"?

2) Any project aimed at shocking an unaware party raises legality questions.

3) Who's to say that the person that gets shocked is a healthy burglar and not a concerned neighbor who happens to have a pacemaker and is just checking on their neighbor for some reason?
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