Using a differently rated power adapter for a USB hub

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I have one of those USB hubs (4 ports) where you can connect multiple USB devices to. On the back the hub has its own USB connection and cord which I imagine must go to a computer. This is actually a SS USB style port with accompanying cord. I'm not sure what this is in comparison to a regular USB port but I imagine this is supposed to go to the computer for controlling devices like wireless mice and keyboards?

I'm actually not interested in this part of the hub. Also on the back of the hub is a power port. The port is rated for 5V DC and 3.6A. Unfortunately I've lost the power adapter that came with the hub, but I was able to pickup another one for really cheap. But it has a different power rating: 5V DC 1A.

I'm interested only in using the hub to recharge devices like a phone, tablet, or wireless headphones. I immediately just assumed that the lower rated adapter should work, but it would just charge the devices at a slower rate, but I'm not sure if this is true. I don't know exactly how the power is altered with the lower rated adapter and how power is divided when charging multiple devices.