USB2517 unable to enumerate

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Hi !

I've made an usb hub pcb using a USB2517 controller but it's not working. When I plug it in the host computer I get a "not recognised" on Windows and "unable to enumerate" on Linux message.

I'm not able to identify the problem. The USB2517 seems to power on at first (current consumption goes up and 1.8V at pin 25) and after the "unable to enumerate" message it powers off (0V at pin 25).

You can see the schematic I've used.
I've also attached the KiCad project with schematic and pcb layout. The idea of the pcb is to be an usb hub/power dispatch for a robot. Two batteries are plugged in : one to power the "logic" side (arduino and stm32 boards) through the usb cable and one that is dispatched to power motors and actuators.

Do you have any idea what the problem can be ?

Please keep in mind that I'm a computer science student making pcbs only as a hobby.

Thanks for your help !