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Hi All,

I needed to know which tool do you use to model your system/software? I mean to create sequence diagrams, flow, etc...
I have found Visual Paradigm Community edition...I think I used this one a long time ago at school...

IBM's Rational Software Architect is a great tool. I have used it extensively for sequence diagrams, but I was privileged to have the license as part of my work.

For my private use, StarUML can be a great free tool.


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I use Visio 4 (pre Microsoft).

It does flowcharts, block diagrams, maps, networking, office layout, org charts, project timelines, quality management (whatever that is), and more.

EDIT: never used the network management portion before:

I did use it to lay out the tile pattern for my kitchen remodel and do a site map for putting in my In-Laws hardship manufactured home in my corral.
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