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John O'C

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What do I need to convert a very old BT socket to an ASDL/phone socket.

I want to improve broadband and lose the trailing filter.

I bought a NTE5c Mk2 faceplate with Mk4 VDSL combined frontplate/linebox.
Sadly, it neither fits the old socket box nor will it sit flush to the wall.

What do I need, I think I am missing something here!



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All you need is a Secondary box, (box without ringer capacitor) and connect to the BT line on terminals 2, 5...and a RJ11 cable, the small plug goes into your router/modem.rj11-rj45-lead.jpg

the filter is only for the phone, to prevent humming and buzzing, nothing to do with the broadband function.Extension-Socket-Colour-Code.jpg
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