Turning an old phone display into a pc sensor panel

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So I decided to take on a project to keep me busy for a while.

I have an old LG g3 which has a dead MoBo. Since I'm currently playing with different things on my PC id like to make a sensor panel out of my display.

I am looking to get more information on the pinout for the screen. If you can help me as to where I might find the similar thing that would be great!

I need either a pinout in order how to start figuring out how to convert the connector from the 44+10 pin to the HDMI or USB type C, or an already existing connector that's kinda plug and play. I am not aware if I need Raspberry pi or something else at this point since I've recently decided to take this step and any and all suggestions to this is more than appreciated!

Also I started reading the forum so sorry for maybe skipping some steps and feel free to let me know what I've missed!2021-10-24 17.30.01.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.01.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.21.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.01.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.21.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.37.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.01.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.21.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.37.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.01.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.21.jpg2021-10-24 17.30.37.jpg


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This is going to be quite a complex project. What is your level of expertise with electronic circuit design and theory, soldering miniature surface-mount components and programming in C or C++?
First, you need to identify the make and model of the display. Then you need to get a complete datasheet for it. That will give you the power and interface connections and the interface protocol.
Then you will need to design the interface between the display and a suitable micro-controller and an interface between the micro-controller and your PC.
When all the physical stuff is done, you will need to write the communication software to run on the micro-controller to communicate with the display, using the protocol outlined in the datasheet.
Once that is all done, you will need software that runs on your PC to communicate with the micro-controller to the display.
Good luck!
It would be much simpler to buy on-line an inexpensive display that will work with a micro-controller like the Arduino or PIC that has interface libraries that are tested and well documented.
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Thank you for the reply!

This is both good and bad news.
To clarify, I am a mechanical engineer working in a Zara store and I'm bored as hell mentally so this is going to be an intriguing challenge.

As for my expertise, I don't have any in regards to ECD but I do have experience soldering things and programming in C++.

I expected that I might need an interface such as Arduino/raspberry pi or some other controller to communicate the display but I had no idea that I might have to write the code myself. I assumed that it wasmostly plug&play-ish type of system.

First time doing this so no idea what exactly needs to be done.

It would be simpler to buy an online LCD screen for 50$ HDMI ready and just install it but the problems with that are dimensions (usually they are fat) and lower resolution. I figured that I might make a similar PCB board as they have on this one.


Looking forward to your further input :)