Trying to troubleshoot an unresponsive LCD touch pad.

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Hi everyone,
I have got a coffee grinder with an unresponsive touch panel. I must admit that I am a bit of a novice when it comes to touch panels and troubleshooting them. Internet search gives results mainly about 4-wire resistive touch pad. The one I have has got 7-wires coming out of it.
I am not sure if it a resistive touch pad either :S (how can I identify them?). The screen is totally unresponsive I tried pressing across everywhere with the thought of that it has gone out of calibration.
Some thing else I would remark is that it looks like there are some air gaps ('liquidy gaps') between the screen and the top layer, I'm not sure what this is I tried pushing it to a side it does move. I tried to capture that in the photo.
Some measurements I took - The power supply for the board is 3.3V. I measured the voltage form the 7 pins to ground and all the pins measured at around 2.5 to 2.9V and the readings were very jumpy. (Maybe its been multiplexed?).
The display itself works when its powered up the readings shows and it appears that the micro controller works as well.
So I was hoping that you all could give some hint/tips on troubleshooting this and hopefully I could get it back to work again.

Thanks so much for the help.