Trying to automate my RF ceiling fan remote

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Attached is a picture of the remote. The two pins, that I ID'd as 1 and 2, refer to a button on the other side that is pressed. This is what I need a way to simulate the button press electronically.

When measured, the voltage between pin 1 and 2 is 3.5v and between pin 2 and ground is 3.5v. When the button is pressed, the voltage between 1 and 2 drops to 0v, but 2 and ground still is 3.5v.

This is the button that turns the light on and off. I am trying to be able to control this via my Pc/web interface/whatever.

Now I'm sure a rasp pi or something could do this fairly easily, but trying to save money and work with what I have, this is an idea I had.

Take a USB keyboard, and the lights for the cap lock/num lock/scroll lock all output about 3.5v. I can send commands to turn on/off numlock/scroll lock, which in turn, would turn the light on/off as the setting was set on the PC. Now could I use the 3.5v going to the lights to trigger a button press? Scroll lock on, 3.5v steady, off for a second, then back on, simulates a drop to 0 and a button press?

Basically I want to integrate my ceiling fan into my little home automation for my room, but it's RF and the marjority of things I've used are IR based, which is all controlled through a harmony hub and tasker or eventghost, which I can automate to change keyboard states.

Or could I use the 3.5v from the keyboard as a trigger somehow with a transitior. Kind of new at this stuff.