Treadmill motor and controller questions

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I need a Variable Speed Motor that runs at ~6000rpm and is capable of ~1hp for a project. A treadmill motor was suggested. Old Treadmills seem to be inexpensive at local Thrift shops...

So here are some questions:

1. Is a treadmill motor reversible?

2. Is this typical of the power-supply board (schematic)?

3. I would prefer to discard the fancy push button console and just use a pot to control the speed and a DPDT switch for reversing. Can the power supply be hacked to do that?


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Yes they can be reversed, they are DC motors using pwm to control the speed, just hack the control circuit out, or salvage one and modify it.

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The majority are reversible, (DC Brushed), often they state CW or CCW on the label, this is because many have a flywheel threaded on to the shaft and can be either direction thread.
You should remove the flywheel before operating most other applications that do not require a soft start and retain the inertia provided by a flywheel.
Most can be ran by one of the KB DC drives off ebay etc, the simpler ones are SCR bridge type rather than PWM.
KB circuit.
On most you require a means of reversing the output to the motor, KB provide a inhibit input while reversing so the drive comes up through accel when reversed, they do also have one drive that you can use a ±10vdc with a pot for reversing.
One of the nicer TM motors is the Chinese made Johnson motor, also a source is one of the older DC servo motors.
Although I think you will be hard pressed to find a DC brushed of 1hp that is capable of 6krpm without gearing or step up.
There is a VFD and 3ph motor option, they run off 1ph. Depends on how precise a rpm control you need.


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Hi There,

Yes, dc motors are bi-directional in most cases. A preferred spin direction can be obtained with specific placement of the rotor windings / magnet sets, but usually a simple reverse voltage will reverse the motor spin. Most control boards will not operate with a simple pot for a couple of reasons. One that I know will is the Gemini 12M04 but only has a capability of about 20A drive current with approx 150vdc bulk motor voltage available. Most controllers require a PWM drive at a very specific frequency to operate. Good Luck!