Transfer learning with NLP on different context using Pytorch

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Hi, I managed to create a model using BiDAF and Pytorch.

BiDAF: Bi-Directional Attention Flow

The model has been trained on SQuAD: The Stanford Question Answering Dataset (

Now, I would like to do transfer learning on a different context - financial regulation documents

My question is can anyone provide a 'big picture' view on what I should to to enable transfer learning so that the model can answer questions in relation to financial documents?

For example, do I have to create question answers pair with regards to the financial documents manually? If yes, do I have to clean up the documents (there are hundreds of them) and what software/technique should I use to clean up the data?

Any links and resources to read up?

PS if this is not the correct forums, pls let me know or if its a different website, you can PM me the link