Timeless Mystery: How did a Swiss Ring Watch End up in a Sealed Ming Dynasty Tomb?


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It probably got in there by the most obvious and over looked way possible.

Someone was there before. Someone dropped it down a hole by accident.Someone lost it nearby and a small animal carried it there.

Now had it been found a decade or more prior to that model or type of watch having been made then yes I would believe time travel. But, since it wasn't the most obvious and less glamorous answer is probably the correct one. It got dropped and something carried it there.

If it was time travel the most obvious question I have is why are there no USB or other memory sticks, digital cameras, modern batteries and the like or anything else that is small portable and easily lost being found or ever has been found? Or plastics and synthetic materials for that matter that have ben found before their introduction to the world through mass production?o_O


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Gotta love it when they save this for the 2nd to last paragraph:

"Could it be that this whole incident is a hoax; disinformation from start to finish?"