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The only bird that will peck at a Eagle is the crow
Growing up in East Tennessee there were a lot of cornfields and crows. Farmers loved crow hunters. Strictly for sport. One popular and productive crow lure was a tethered owl or hawk on an elevated perch pole. Once it was spotted and the alarm given, crows would pile in to attack it. One person would be tasked with pulling the tethered bird down to safety before it was piled on.


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Whether crows, ravens, and other “corvids” are making multipart tools like hooked sticks to reach grubs, solving geometry puzzles made famous by Aesop, or nudging a clueless hedgehog across a highway before it becomes roadkill, they have long impressed scientists with their intelligence and creativity.

Now the birds can add one more feather to their brainiac claims: Research unveiled on Thursday in Science finds that crows know what they know and can ponder the content of their own minds, a manifestation of higher intelligence and analytical thought long believed the sole province of humans and a few other higher mammals.