Thermalelectric Generator project - 12vdc needed from heat

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    I need to run a fan and possibly a water pump from the heat of a stove. I'd like to do this with a TEG (or multiples). I suspect that the maximum temp of 200 deg C will be sufficient but allowing for higher temps would be a nice feature. The TEG can be cooled with room temp air (~72F) which will be drawn through an Al/Cu heat sink with the output of the fan ( 12v 1.4a - ~17watts) directed across the heat source (stove) to circulate the air. So the heat will power the fan which will both cool the TEG and do the work of circulating the air.

    The problem that I am running into is finding the correct unit for the project. I see a lot of peltier coolers that seem to be able of handling a fairly large amount of energy (some 500 watts!) while the generators I have been able to find seem to be rated from 5-15 watts. I know the amount of energy is based upon the heat differential from the heated side to the cooled side so the power generation is directly reflected in this relationship.

    I'm wondering if peltier coolers can be used in reverse for a project like this. If anyone has any suggestions on what to look for in the TEG/cooler unit, I would really appreciate it!
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