The components of a mood light.

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Hi first off yes I am an ignorant noob. yes you knw more than me.

If your feeling kind please enligten me.

im designing a product but before i hire someone i need to have a small understanding of the light electronics.

So i bought a simple night light and tried to work out, how it works


I can see a photo resistor on the left and 3 LEDs.

But what are the other things??

is it a 1amp resistor and some kind of chip?

And also is it safe to have the direct connection to the plug outlets?

I also got a LED lamp, it uses strips of LEDs and has dimmable on off button


Its nothing like the text books, so im well lost.

Any post is good post.

thx guys


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First picture looks almost like my LED night light, capacitor, Rs, fullwave rectifier, & LEDs, but as it is line operated cannot be discussed on AAC ?


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We can discuss LED mood lighting and as wide range of LED lighting but circuits like your first post involve Line (Mains) power driven LED circuits which as Bernard mentions is against the forum rules. Just plain LED lighting and mood enhancing color schemes is fine.



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First picture; left to right: Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), Transistor (three legged device), a 1 amp fuse, two 30KΩ resistors and three LED's. It's hard to gauge the wattage of the two 30K resistors, but they're pretty big. So I'd expect a fair amount of current going through them. Since this circuit deals with mains voltage (120 or 240 VAC), the topic is off limits due to the extreme danger of shock and possible loss of life.

The LED lamp - that, too, appears to run off mains. It's a much more complicated circuit. Certainly above and beyond my knowledge base. Just understand that messing with either circuit IS dangerous. Be careful. And since you're a "Noob" to electronics, you have two opportunities: 1) Learn electronics. 2) Hire someone to engineer the project you want to build.

Best of wishes.