test rig for three phase motor

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    Aug 18, 2014
    Hi Folks,

    I am having some problems with a three phase motor. The proportional control boards are overheating and dropping power to one of the windings.

    I got some new boards and now I want to test them.

    I want to build a load bank (I think it's called) to replicate the draw of the motor under load. (Because it's for a thruster and building a bracket and a test tank is messy)

    I want to use lightbulbs as the load for each winding.

    I'd like someone to confirm my calculations or have someone let me know why I'm an idiot.

    Power of motor is 1.5hp or about 1120 watts.

    So my thinking here, and this is where I am a bit unsure, would be to divide the power by three and so allow 373 watts per winding.

    So four 100 watt bulbs setup on each winding should approximate the load of the motor.

    Is that correct?

    I do not know what the power factor of the motor is but I think I'm ok with that because that would only reduce my load anyway.

    I think that handles full load conditions which is what I want to test for now but would anyone have any ideas on how to simulate starting current? I was thinking maybe setup a resistor to draw up to what the boards fuse is rated for which I can manually switch out of the circuit after a couple of seconds...does that make sense?

    Thanks for any help,