ten LEDs sequentially flash then stop.

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Hi all
I am looking to built a circuit that is when i turn it on then the LED will be sequentially flash it once and then it is stop completely. (other word it is circuit flash just one to ten LEDs sequentially when I turn it on. it will stop until reset or turn the power off then turn it on. It then flash it again one to ten sequentially.)


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Check out Bill's blog for 555 timer IC circuits to drive LEDs. I believe the circuit you want is a "chaser" and will use one 555 as a clock and one 4017 as a counter. Unlike most chaser circuits, you do not want your's to reset. Just count up and stop.


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It's relatively simple to stop with all LEDs off using a 4017 counter for 9 LEDs (as wayneh suggested, even if he was kidding) but requires some extra circuitry for 10 LEDs. So can you do with 9 or do you really need 10?