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    In the spring, I am going to start working has an undergraduate research assistant for my professor. He is working on some nano and micro particle that will get implement into water and refrigerate used for HX and boilers. This is used to assisted with a greater heat transfer rate. Seem like every time I turn there is something kind of new technology out there that is pretty amazing. Of course I am finding all these other stuff by reading and asking questions. I can't imagine having a job where all I did is keep up with the latest and greatest. kind of overwhelming. I guess the average person wouldn't know about nano/particles to assist in heat transfer rate or few years ago they discovered the Higgs-boson particle in the LHC at the CERN. I have develop a new state of "there has to be a better way and faster way to do things." Yet all these things don't seem to top Einstein theory of relative or Newton's discoveries. What do you thing is the greatest discovery in technology recently ?
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