Sync two function generators

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FYI, I have Goggled the heck out of this and can't find any answers. Maybe I do t understand how the syncing two function generators work

I have two generators, one new, one old
I took the "sync" output from the old HP to the "reference" input on the new fluke/philips generator.

My understanding is that the hp sync provides a pulse length relative to the gens frequency, and feeds it to the 2nd gen to use as its internal reference.

When I put both 1k (same amplitude) signals into oscilloscope, it seems to me the two signals should be in sync and not walking but depending on which signal is triggered on oscilloscope the other is walking.

Maybe I should add that all I'm trying to produce quadrature signals to do is draw a lissijous circle on xy. I get the signals close enough so that I have a circle briefly

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So the sync from the HP is the same frequency as its output, whereas the Philips is expecting a fixed frequency signal to synchronise its 10mHz reference oscillator. You can't synchronise them this way.


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I think I understand. So the two brands use different methods to obtain sync?
Their sync signals have different intentions. The HP sync output would be useful for synchronising, say, an oscilloscope.

If you had two of the Philips generators you could synchronise them by connecting the sync output of one to the sync input of the other.