Suggestions for a Wireless Transmit/Receive System to Control a Relay

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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions for some type of transmitter / receiver system I could use to remotely control a relay. Ideally, I'd like to be able to press a pushbutton (or initiate a contact closure) on a transmitter and activate a relay on the receive end. I don't really have the know-how to build a transmit / receive system from scratch, so I'd prefer some sort of pre-manufactured option or some kind of kit.

Here are a few specifics about what I'd need:
I'd need something that uses wireless RF, as opposed to using an IR beam. The range doesn't need to be too long...200' or so should be more than sufficient.

I'd like a setup where initiating the pushbutton or creating a contact closure on the transmit end initiates a momentary relay closure on the receive end (as opposed to latching the relay on or off).

The relay can be light duty and as simple as SPST. I'd likely be passing 5 - 10 VDC at < 100 mA through the contact, so I don't by any means need a heavy duty relay.

I'd likely be mounting the transmitter and receiver in project boxes, so the smaller, the better. Also, I'd like to be able to power the transmitter and receiver using standard batteries.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to offer some suggestions!


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200' is long, relatively speaking.
I was going to suggest a wireless doorbell which you can buy from most home hardware stores, but not for 200'.

You can buy RF modules such as Linx.


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RF Digital Wireless also makes RF transmitter single button key fob, with receiver end able to operate small relays. Look up the company on, they have pretty much all the accessories, and reasonable prices/single quantity/shipping charges


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A Google of "remote 4 channel relay card" will bring up plenty. Most have a jumper allowing for momentary or latching relay action. I have an older 12 volt 4 channel K180V3 board which worked fine up to 100 meters even with minor obstructions. At 100 feet it would go through light concrete wall. The transmitter is a simple key fob for most of these things. You can likely Google One or Two Channel also. Amazon also has a wide range of them to choose from. Since I haven't a clue as to your location you are on your own for a supplier.