Need suggestions for wireless alarm

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    Oct 3, 2010
    This is for the camper on my truck, not an automotive modification. Power will come from an auxiliary battery and no existing wiring will be touched. I have kilobucks worth of tools in the back of my truck and I'd like to keep them where they are - I would like to know immediately if someone attempts to break into the camper. Consider this scenario; I'm at school, sitting at a desk half a mile away from my truck - there's no way I would hear an alarm even if it were a train horn. I would like to have a dongle on my keychain that starts going nuts when the alarm is tripped. I would like to be able to enable/disable the alarm via the dongle just like a regular car alarm, but not necessarily from half a mile away. I considered using some kind of GPRS module to text me if something goes wrong, but considering I've had text messages show up hours after the sender sent them, I don't think that's ideal - plus I would need to pay a monthly fee. I was looking at x-bee, and I've read that there are industrial versions with range measured in miles, but I cannot find any kind of x-bee dongle that would go on a key chain. Any body have any ideas?
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    How about an old cellphone and a pager?

    To have it on a keychain requires it to be really small. Have your checked Ebay for small transmitter/receiver and tranceivers?

    I've made a fairly successful project with this:

    But it is way too big to fit on a keychain. I guess there are other products out there, that are smaller.