STM32F7 + hardware neural network

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Hi guys,
I was wondering if there are people interested in artificial inteligence computed on embedded devices? Recently i have found a smart chip for accelerating neural networks produced by a Korean company called NM500 (datasheet) and i am trying to play with it. I have found that the NM500 uses 16bit parallel bus and the manufacturer is using fpga as a interface to this bus. I find this quite limiting, because there is no easy way how to implement this chip without their fpga to my PCB designs.

Thats why i have decided to programm a small C library form STM32 which uses DMA and standard GPIO to communicate with NM500 at full speed. Now i am creating a small developement kit (arduino footprint compatiblie), with STM32F7, three NM500, SD card, 128mb ram and camera interface
I was wondering, since i havent found any posts about this chip in the forums if there are others interested in it? I am thinking of maybe going public with my kit and c library. And maybe try to sell it for reasonable price, but i dont know if there are others who will find a use for it.