SSOP 24 to DIP adapter with .635 pitch (.025")

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I am trying to find a SSOP 24 to DIP adapter with .635mm pitch (.025") Everything I have found so far is .65mm pitch. The chip I want to use is the Si4844 AM/FM/SW receiver. This chip doesn't quite line up on the .65mm adapters. People have said they were able to use a .65mm adapter for this ic but this is going to be my first SMT job. I would prefer to use an adapter that lines up perfectly to increase the odds of success.

Does anyone have a source for that?


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I second spinnaker's suggestion. That's what I use, and where I get them too.

I keep a box of all different sizes on hand in advance of need. Same with proto boards, the "sea of holes" on 0.1" centers, plated thru on real FR4 material; I keep various sizes on hand.

They take 2-3 weeks typically to make it to my door with the free shipping.


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I think the OP is worried about soldering that chip. I have done stuff just a little bigger but my hands are shaky and I got the job done. You should be able to do OK. Just read up on surface mount soldering.


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