Space X did it


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This is one of the things I did not expect to see in my lifetime.
Landing a rocket is a huge step towards making them practical in the long run.


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That was so smooth, I thought it was a video rewind, my brain just didn't want to accept what my eye's just seen, it's insane!!

I and my wife seen this last night on the news, exciting is all I can say.

So, is Private Enterprize going to solve more problems like this in the future. I'm looking forward to see what's next.

I had no idea they were evening attempting to perform such an amazing feat, how is it I missed their failed attempts which I understand is 4.

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This sure slaps NASA in the face.:D
Maybe now they will start thinking about doing something with the used rockets besides discarding them.:rolleyes:
What were they thinking?
"We didn't have to consider the cost."?


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To be fair to NASA the SRBs and shuttle were reusable and most flew several times. The former polar-orbiting shuttles and very big military payloads from Vandenberg need maximum performance unlikely to be seen in a 'fly to home' booster soon.


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Now that it has been done, I expect a lot of innovation from NASA.;)
Not that NASA hasn't been doing great things for 50 years, but I like how the focus is changing.:)